A new year, a new beginning...

It is the new year 2015, and just like last year around this time something remarkable has happened. The world has become one year older and just like clockwork we have once again become motivated to change.  Suddenly we’ve become committed to lose weight, to become stronger and healthier and to finally get in shape.  I call it the New Year’s resolution bug.  I call it a bug because it is similar to the common cold virus; it comes for a short while then it’s gone. Here, I'll explain.  There are many types of colds like headaches, sore throat and fever, to stuffy nose and congestion.  Sometimes it can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks, and then before you know it, poof it’s gone.  

Well, similarly, there are just as many New Year resolutions, from getting in shape, to saving money, traveling, all the way to calling mom more frequently.  Often I hear people and the media talk about getting to the gym more than anything else.  It’s a hot topic that lasts for weeks until we get involved with the daily grind of work, school and family.  Rightfully so, these are all important responsibilities but, what happened to our New Year’s resolution to get in the gym?  Well, like many "bugs" it came and went.  Why does this happen? Well simply because resolutions don't work.  Just like dieting, it’s a temporary fix.  If we commit to a temporary solution then guess what, the problem is going to come back. The key is to make a permanent solution; the key is to make a commitment to a lifestyle change.  

Some of my closest friends and family have heard me say it a thousand times; the key to living a healthier life is to make fitness a part of your life; a new lifestyle that coincides with your regular life while becoming healthier in the process.  Fitness doesn't happen overnight, it doesn't happen in a week and sometimes it doesn't even happen in a month.  It’s a difficult journey; you’ll want to skip a workout day, treat yourself to a dessert or take a second serving of food, which can set us back from our goals.  But the more we adopt to these changes gradually over time we will become more fit without even realizing it.  That’s why becoming fit has to be a lifestyle change, we have to gradually change our eating habits and gradually change our lack of mobility.  It’s like starting a new job where in the beginning can be a challenge to adjust, but then you’ll eventually adapt and learn how things operate.  Work is part of our lifestyle, and fitness should be too. 

You see the reason why the gyms are packed the first couple of weeks of the year is because there are so many enthusiastic folks who are making a short term change, they haven’t committed to taking the lifestyle journey.  So they’re on the treadmills for hours a week, taking every spin class possible and eating salads every day for lunch and dinner.  Then after a few weeks they don't see any results, their bodies are rejecting this sudden change in exercise and now discouragement ensues.  They begin slacking, taking a day off here and there to taking a week off to eventually donating wasted money to the gym because they haven't gone in months.  Where did all of the enthusiasm go?  Blame it on the New Year’s bug.  

As I said earlier, adopting a lifestyle change to fitness is not easy.  You have to start off slow, learn and understand what works for your body.  One of the most amazing things about the human body is the ability to adapt, but we have to give our bodies time. Sometimes we have to disconnect our minds from our body because  we want it so bad that we force our bodies to do things it wasn't ready to adapt to.  Too much of anything is never good, and shocking our body to movements it’s not accustomed to can be detriment to our goals.  On the contrary this can also be the case to someone who wanders into the gym with no agenda, no tactic and therefore are lost as they don’t even know where to start.  This is a common theme to many, a theme that’s accepted too often.  Sometimes all we need is a little guidance, some direction to a path that we never thought we’d be able to take.  This is a reason why I became certified as a personal trainer; to help those discover this path, this journey to a healthier, and fitter life. 

Working with a personal trainer is like having someone do all the thinking for you.  All the planning and programming is done for you; taking out the guess work and doubt of what you should be doing.  Half of the hard work is done for you; the other half is the fun physical part, which you’ll realize that you can actually do.  Working out with a personal trainer is more than a person telling you what to do; it’s about building a relationship, a team that grows together in every step of the way from small accomplishments and failures to big accomplishments and failures.  Both the trainer and the trainee are held accountable, they communicate about what works and what doesn’t.  They strategize, compete and overcome obstacles together.  It’s about making you believe that you can in fact overcome fitness challenges and succeed.  We succeed and fail together, because there is no “I” in team; Together Everyone Achieves More.  Forget the new year resolution, consider making a new life resolution.  Consider teaming up with me as your personal training partner to surpass your fitness goals and make a believer out of yourself that you can be better than you were last year.  LoseYourselFiTness is all about change, transformation and the betterment of one’s fitness.        LYFT to be fit. 

Derrick the Trainer. 

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